50 Days of Prayer – Day 14

Something strange happened this week. I committed time in my schedule for prayer with our church families 50 days of prayer. Unfortunately, It is not as though I was not previously taking time daily to pray, but I asked God to awaken me to prayer in a fresh new way. I asked him to show me what I need to pray for. I know, that sounds strange, “God show me what I need to pray for so I can come to you in prayer about it.”

Perhaps asking God what we need to pray for is part of the prayer process. By asking God what I need to pray for, my eyes have been opened not only to the needs I should pray for but ministry opportunities upon which I need to act.

This week people have come to mind. This week burdens have been placed on my heart as my mind is quickened to the needs of the world around me. This week I have seen through new eyes those who need the good news of Jesus as they are lashing out in their brokenness at the world around them.

Think about Jesus showing the disciples the fields white with the harvest which was a picture of the spiritual readiness of people for the message of Jesus. He then asked them to pray God would send people into the harvest. Then he sent them into the harvest (see Matthew 9:37-10:1).

Perhaps, as we pray, we need to seek God’s heart and not just pour out our own. God, allow us to see the city of Houston the way you see it. Reveal to us how we need to pray and where we need to act.

Note: This post is associated with a call to 50 days of prayer at Bethel Church of Houston in association with the Houston Church Planting Network.