50 Days of Prayer – Final Week

This marks the final week of Bethel’s 50 days of prayer along with the Houston Church Planter’s Network leading up to Pentecost Sunday. Below are links to devotions various Pastors and Ministry leaders throughout Houston have written for this final week. Click on the title of each day and you will be taken to their devotional. I invite you to join us with a spirit of anticipation of the Lord’s movement.

HCPN’s 50 Days of Prayer
2019 Theme: Awakening!

Day 43
Awaken Potential, Provoke Transformation
Sunday, June 2nd
By: Jason Hall

Day 44 *Fasting
Awakened to Humble Majesty
Monday, June 3rd
By: Todd Bates

Day 45
The Call to Repentance
Tuesday, June 4th
By: Lee Hsia

Day 46
What Do You Want?
Wednesday, June 5th
By: Chris Kipp

Day 47
Everything is Better in the Light of the Morning
Thursday, June 6th
By: Micah Squires

Day 48
Pray the Price
Friday, June 7th
By: Paul Ramsay

Day 49
From the Darkness Comes Light
Saturday, June 8th
By: Jay Blackburn

Last Day!
Day 50
Are You Humble Enough to be a Star?
Sunday, June 9th
By: Bruce Wesley