Life in Christ for Feb. 2, 2020

I was reading from The Indwelling Life of Christ by Major W. Ian Thomas this morning. The following paragraph caught my attention as a great way to approach this week no matter the place God has called you to live out your life in Christ:

The Lord Jesus came in the world to redeem us and restore us to our true humanity and function, to restore us to the Life that was lost in Adam, so that we can be in Him and He can be in us. Therefore the measure in which His redemptive purpose has been accomplished in us is the measure in which what we are is what He is, and what we do is what He does, and what we say is what He says. This is called sanctification, and it is the highest measure of Christ’s regenerative work being accomplished in our lives.

Major Ian Thomas, The Indwelling Life of Chirst, p. 63