Wayne’s Weekly Wrap, 1.15.2021

Each Friday I post 3-5 things I read, heard or watched that are worth passing on.

#1 Podcast – Carey Nieuwhof Episode 391

Carey interviews one of my favorite writers dealing with corporate culture, Patrick Lencioni. Pat and his team came up with a new assessment called Working Genius designed to help every leader figure out what energizes and what drains them, and where their best contribution comes from. Pat explains all six types of Working Genius and how to use the insights to best position a team for success and fulfillment.

Podcast Link: Carey Nieuwhof Episode 391
Assessment Link: Working Genius

#2 Book – Love Your Enemy by Arthur Brooks

The book’s subtitle gives the theme under discussion, “How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.” I am a fan of Brooks, a Harvard professor, Ph.D., and social scientist, having previously read The Conservative Heart and listened to several interviews. The fact this book was written in 2019 further validates his insights on contempt in our public and private interactions.

#3 Quote: Marco Rubio

“I think politics has made us crazy. Everybody in the country has lost their minds on politics. We have forgotten that America is not a government. America is not a president. America is not a Congress. America is your family, your faith, and your community. That is how we are going to rebuild this country.”

Marco Rubio

#4 Song: Grave Clothes by MercyGate Worship (Featuring Jon David Finney)

Jon is a friend who led our church, Bethel Church of Houston, in worship one week during the pandemic. He is the Worship Pastor at MercyGate Church in Mont Belvieu, Texas. You can find the song on all the music services (Apple, Spotify) or just listen here: